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Jun 23 2010

Wrapped up.

I’m finally finished bedding down the classroom for the year. Bookcases are wrapped: Room diagram is drawn: I always hate leaving my classroom for the year. I work so much better up at school than it do at home; it is like my office. I very rarely take any work home — only the occasional…

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Jun 10 2009

Last day!

Today was the official last day of school (although I haven’t had many kids the last few days because of testing). My EOC scores came in very, very well. All of the AP kids passed the EOC (something I’d like to take for granted, but which was far from certain) and so did … (wait…

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May 31 2009

In review.

10 Things About This Week: 1. We have been reviewing heavily all week for the EOCs. 2nd block is striking fear into my heart as fully 3/4 of the class are on the bubble between passing and not passing the exam (a graduation requirement!) and they can’t be bothered to study twenty vocab words a…

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May 25 2009

And a little cheese?

The school year, in its perverse way, is both flying and crawling toward its inevitable end. May has been and will continue to be a packed month. Once the AP test was over (relatively successfully, by all accounts… we shall see), it has been a rush of last minute field trips (we’re going to D.C.…

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May 03 2009

The nature of the beast.

In the middle of the school year I inherited a truly wonderful group of AP US History students after their teacher left to take a job at DPI. The AP US History exam, all three and a half hours of it, is coming up this Friday and I am SO incredibly nervous. I don’t remember being…

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May 01 2009

The King of Wishful Thinking.

Student: “Ms. W, if I got the swine flu they’d probably have to close the school, right?” Me: “Well, yes, probably.” Student: *cough cough*    *ahem*    “Oink.” Me: “It’s the flu. Try sneezing.”

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Apr 29 2009

Ask and ye shall recieve.

“Ms W., why we gotta do so many little projects in here? “Projects?” “You know, like this poster. And the timelines.” “You have to do something. We can’t just sit here and stare at eachother.” “Can’t I do an alternate assignment?” “Like what?” “I dunno.” “I could have you read and summarize a chapter. Would…

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Mar 08 2009

Will a landslide bring you down?

Despite feeling pretty crappy this weekend (I’ve been running a low grade fever and have spent most of the last two days in bed reading) I dragged myself out of the house earlier today and, per my usual Sunday routine, did a couple hours of work up at the school. If I had to pick…

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Mar 02 2009


It’s true. I have been here for nearly four years now without one and I thought it would never happen, but today it did. Snow day. Are there any two more beautiful words in the English language? The weather has been so changeable this whole week. On Friday it was actually beautiful outside. It was…

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Feb 20 2009

Poking the Tiger

A conversation with one of my 2nd block lovelies.   “Ms. W!! Someone cut one!” “Do you need to step outside?” “Me? It wasn’t me!!” “Well, you’re the only one who seems to be bothered.” “They all smell it too!” “And yet they seem to be able to handle it without shrieking.” mumblemumblemumble… “It wasn’t…

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Feb 17 2009


The new semester has been a whirlwind so far. Two days before classes started up again I got called down to the Principal’s office (ooooooh…) and told that, due to the history department chair leaving, my entire schedule was going to be switched. I had been scheduled to teach three classes of English II (two…

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Jan 11 2009

Long time, no blog.

Sorry about that! Here’s a quick recap: Winter Break in San Diego (Which was jam packed with wedding related appointments and extremely fun). Then a week of fun-filled review for our finals and aggravatting students who always seem to *sigh*  want to know what their grade is, or something. Like I know kid, come back later. Also, both…

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Dec 09 2008

Likes and Dislikes

One Thing I Like About Teaching: Guaranteed comments on my (fairly dramatic) new hair cut. *gasp* “Ms W! OMG!!! YOU GOT YOUR HAIR CUT!!” “Ooh, Ms. W. I like your hair. It frames your face well.” “Ms. W. you look twenty years younger!” and from one young gentleman… “Ms. W, your hair looks bangin’ … if…

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Nov 24 2008

HELP! (I need somebody!)

Last week I referred one of my students to the school’s HELP team. I have no idea what the acronym stands for, but the HELP team is a group that meets once every month or so to evaluate kids who may need to be tested for special services. The student who I referred is someone…

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Nov 23 2008

The fruits of bribery.

It has been quite a week here in good old Eastern North Carolina. The temperature dropped so low on Tuesday that, for the first time in three years, we had snow during the school year! It was just flurries and we didn’t even have a two hour delay, but it was exciting nontheless. The best…

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Nov 09 2008

Where I’m from

I needed something to fill a space in the world poetry unit I’m doing with my sophomores, so I dug through some old TFA resources I have and pulled up an idea based on the George Ella Lyons poem, “Where I’m From.” You can see the basic gist of the lesson plan here:  The…

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Nov 05 2008

An election post

Posts have been thin on the ground around here lately. Mostly that is because I’m involved in a musical at a local community theater (look! I have a life again!) that goes up this weekend. We have been rehearsing pretty much non-stop over the last few weeks. In fact, thats where I was yesterday while…

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Oct 26 2008

When I rule the world…

Chris and I have a lot of converstions that begin with the phrase, “When I rule the world…” For example, one of Chris’s favorites is, “When I rule the world, there will be no right turns on red.” I might respond with, “When I rule the world, lawmakers passing laws restricting the sale of pseudoephedrine will…

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Oct 23 2008

Student sample

The midterm prompt: Using the opinions presented in the quotations above, as well as your own experiences, observations and/or readings, write an editorial for your local newspaper on the meaning of diversity (differing from one another). Student response (all [sic]) What is diversity? Diversity is like your race riliging and the way that people acted…

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Oct 17 2008


A few conversations I have had with students over the past week… “Ms. W, where was you yesterday?” “I was out for personal reasons.” “Was you sick?” “No.” “Was you hurt?” “No.” “Was you in an accident?” “No. It was personal.” “Personal? What was you, having a baby?” …..  “Ms. W! Look what I can…

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Oct 13 2008

While you were out…

I have been battling a strangely persistent cough for about two weeks now. Mostly I feel slightly under the weather but not full blown sick, so I have been dragging myself to work, but on Wednesday the will simply gave out. I woke up at about 7:15 (school starts at 8:30) and knew that it…

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Oct 01 2008

The calm before…

4th block has been rather quiet these last few days. Well, they’ve been quiet for 4th block — if it were any other class I’d say they were loud and obnoxious. I can’t decide if they’re quiet because they’re plotting something (entirely possible) or because they’re finally starting to break to my will. This is…

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Sep 30 2008

Stop — Haiku time!

We have been studying haiku lately with my 10th graders (as part of a world poetry unit) and today I had them write haiku about themselves. These haiku were not supposed to have their names in them, but were supposed to give clues that someone could guess from. Tomorrow they’re getting a worksheet with all…

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Sep 26 2008


We had a “soft” lockdown today during 1st period as police and drug dogs searched the campus. This is not an uncommon experience in high schools these days, although I haven’t had my classroom and kids searched since my first year when (I swear) several of my brilliant students hid contraband in my colored pencil…

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Sep 24 2008

Oh god…

I’m grading our final exams for the book Night, by Elie Wiesel. As I’m grading the exam of one of my sweet, but extremely EC children (her case manager told me, “Oh, her? She’s … sloooow…”) I came across these little gems:  Bonus questions (trivia time!): 1. What is Elie’s father’s name? – Hitler 2.…

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