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Mar 02 2009


It’s true. I have been here for nearly four years now without one and I thought it would never happen, but today it did. Snow day. Are there any two more beautiful words in the English language? The weather has been so changeable this whole week. On Friday it was actually beautiful outside. It was…

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Jul 01 2008

ENC Pictures Part II

Back again with more photo fun! (As always, all images are copyright. Unless otherwise noted all rights are reserved to me!) I love the countryside out here, and it’s a good thing too, considering the amount of driving I have to do.

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Jun 29 2008

ENC Pictures

You hear a lot in the TFA organization about “Why I teach for America.” Well, I thought I’d show you a little bit about where I teach for America. The Eastern North Carolina region of TFA stretches north from Durham all the way up the I-95 corridor to the Virginia border. I taught (and still…

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Jun 22 2008

Eastern North Carolina

10 things about Eastern North Carolina: 1. The street names around here are awesome. Within about 45 minutes driving distance of where I live you can find Beef Tongue Rd., Pickle Plant Dr., Hymen Blvd., and roads whose names contain the last name of literally every single student I have taught in three years. 2.…

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