When this blog started, it was March 2008 and I was beginning a third year teaching at my TFA placement school as Ms. W. These days I’m known as Mrs. B and I am teaching my 6th year at a different school about fifteen minutes away. I still teach high school Social Studies and English and love it, except when I hate it, which isn’t very often. As of November of 2010, I am officially a National Board Certified Teacher, and somehow find myself no longer a “new” teacher.  Raised in sunny California, I’m still not really a southern girl at heart, although I have embraced sweet tea, hushpuppies, meat biscuits for breakfast, and the use of the word “y’all.”

Although I blogged in college, I took a long blogging hiatus between about 2005 and 2008, so much of my first two years of teaching remains unchronicled. I do not believe that this is a loss to the world at large. The kids locked me out of my room with a filing cabinet and made me cry with their test scores, is what I’m saying. I have posted some back dated entries which may give you a brief and frightening glimpse at the lost years, as future biographers will call them.

My CM Story (If you are an ENC CM or recent alum and would like to share your CM Story with this blog, please contact me at the email below!)

The reason for the blog title.

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A couple of last things:

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I happily share resources for all of the courses I have taught, which include U.S. History, A.P. U.S. History, English II, Psychology, English III, and African-American History. All materials are calibrated for the North Carolina Standard course of study and the courses are listed in order from those I have taught the most often and thus have the best material for, to those I have taught the least. If you are interested, email me and let me know what would be the most helpful to you!