Jun 25 2012

Closing time.

I’m officially closing out my little blog here. I’m still in ENC and still teaching in my placement region, but I’ve been teaching for seven (!) years now and have drifted so far out of the TFA “loop” that anything I might think to post is no longer really relevant to this blogging platform.

For those who are coming here looking for information about TFA in ENC, check out the link to my favorite posts in the upper right.

The pictures in my posts were lost when teachforus migrated servers a while back, but I am slowly but surely trying to add back pictures to the most linked ones. That work will continue. I just finished re-picturing my two Eastern North Carolina posts.

I’m still reachable for TFA, ENC, or teaching questions at ms.w.enc [at] gmail.com.

So long!

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  1. '08

    Wow, time flies. I’ve read your blog for the past few years and just wanted to say thanks!

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