Jun 08 2011

ENC Induction

ENC Induction begins today and I always get excited thinking about it….all of that fresh meat enthusiasm and energy for the cause. ;) This is just a quick post to say “Hi” (“HIIIIIIII!!!” *waving arms madly*) to all of the 2011 ENC Corps Members. Have fun, learn lots, and remember that the kids — your kids — are waiting.

What I said back in November holds true. We need you. We want you. If I can help you in any way please let me know.

<3  Mrs. B

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  1. Kristen

    You’re the only ENC person who seems to regularly update their blog! I know you’ve been out of TFA for a few years, but is there anyway you could keep posting? Or strongly encourage anyone else you know to start? I’m in the 2012 ENC corps and would love to have more of an insight!!

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