Feb 23 2011

A Dream Dashed

On Monday I was standing at the front of the class room surveying my minions students as they worked in partners (if they had earned it) and singly (if they had not), I noticed something strange at the back of the room.

R, who had earned the privilege of a partner but claimed he “rolled better solo”, was sitting in his desk all the way at the back holding up a piece of paper.

I squint. I can’t quite make it out … it looks like an arrow? Pointed at the head of Q, who sits in front of him? … What does that say?


Hmm … One of Q’s hands is clearly occupied holding his book open and he is writing with the other, so he is definitely not “txtn” unless he is doing so with his knees.  (In which case I’d probably be more impressed than upset.)

At this point I seem to be the only one who has noticed that R has his snitch flag flyin’ so, rather than cause a scene, I head quietly toward the back to figure out exactly what is going on. On the way back there I am waylaid by a student with a question and, as I straighten from her desk, I look back to notice that R is now employing a new sign. This one is directed at the girl who sits, oblivious, in front of him quietly reading chapter 6.

I head toward the back and hold out a hand for the sign. He hands it over.

“And the other one.”

I get it too.

“What on earth?”

“I made them in math class…we weren’t doing nothing so…”

“You decided this was a good use of your time?”

He brightens. “I got C’s phone took away! Mr. S didn’t see her until I held up my signs. I’m like Batman! I’ll patrol your class for you.”

“At ease Bruce. I think Commissioner Gordon will handle this one on her own.”


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  1. Kat

    That’s awesome! Thanks for the laugh! Just beware of accidently sending up a “bat signal.”

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