Feb 02 2011

Attention ENC Corps Members!

I worry sometimes about the fact that this is the only ENC blog on this site that is updated with any degree of regularity. I see my stats and I know how many people come here looking for information about “TFA ENC”, but I don’t really feel like my blog gives a full picture of the region.  This is especially true since this blog started in my third year, when I already had my feet under me somewhat. Added to that is the fact that I have been posting less and less as my experiences drift further away from those of the average CM.

For those reasons, I would really like to publish on here a series of interviews with current ENC CMs or recent alumni. That way when people come to this blog looking for “WHAT LIKE TO TEACH FOR AMERICA IN ENC” (Hello recent visitor! Turn off your caps lock.) they will get a more balanced view of the highs and lows of the CM experience here. Lots of prospective CMs come to this site and your answers could help them get a clearer picture of whether or not they should apply for/ accept TFA.

So, to that end, if you are a current or recent ENC CM who would be willing to answer some questions about your TFA tenure via email or g-chat and have those answers posted (anonymously, of course) on this blog, please either leave a comment on this post with your email address, or email me directly at ms.w.enc[at]gmail.com to let me know you are interested. I will set you up with the questions and then post your responses ASAP.

Please, please, please if you are an ENC CM and you are reading this, consider answering some questions or forwarding this on to someone who will. This is a great way to air your id about the program and your experiences without having to set up a blog.

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