Nov 29 2010


Although many a disgusted candidate has opined that NBPTS stands not for National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, but for “NoBody Passes This S*&t!”, I found out last Friday that I am officially a National Board Certified teacher.

I wrote on this blog a couple of times about the NBPTS process last March, here about the process itself, here while in the weeds and desperately racing to finish my portfolio, and here about my conviction that I did not pass.

I am not  being disingenuous when I say that was truly shocked when I checked my scores last Friday and found that I had certified. My administration, which thankfully thinks highly of me, professed not to be at all surprised, but I spent my Thanksgiving holiday feeling very thankful for having achieved. The “passing” score to certify is a combined point total of 275 from the ten different elements (four portfolio entries and six tests). I didn’t hurdle that bar by much, and I am downright ashamed at my scores on some elements, but a few very solid scores were enough to swing the day for me.

The benefits to being an NBCT are nice, I get letters after my name if I want to use them (Mrs. B, NBCT), I get a decent little bump on the North Carolina teaching pay scale (especially welcome since my wages have been frozen for the last two years), and most states offer a lot of shortcuts to NBCTs in transferring teacher licensure.

All of that aside, doing the NBPTS process has probably been the best reflective (as opposed to content based) professional development I have done since I left the corps and I am very glad I undertook the process. If anyone out there in the TFA blog-overse has questions about the process I would be happy to answer them!

Mrs. B, NBCT

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  1. mathinaz


  2. adirondackblue

    WOWWWW mazel tov!

  3. Jenny

    First of all, congratulations. I know what an enormous accomplishment your certification is. I missed the “bar” by a few points, and am now redoing Entry 2 AYA SSH. I was wondering if you could share what element of civic competence you used for your lesson. I have filmed a Model Congress and a “rough” Socratic Seminar about gun control. Any advice? Thank you in advance if you choose to respond.

  4. Rob


    I appreciate reading your information. I sent my portfolio out yesterday. I’m taking the tests April 22nd. If you remember, how long did it take to get your scores?


    • Rob, unfortunately it takes a very long time. They usually don’t release NBPTS scores until around Thanksgiving and they can potentially take until December 15th! They’ll send you an email a few days before the scores are going to be released letting you know how to access them.

      Best of luck!

      • Rob

        Thanks Mrs. B for the info, you rock!!!

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