Nov 15 2010

Cool web tool with potential classroom use

I stumbled across a new web application that will soon be making its debut in my classroom : Xtranormal text-to-movie tool.

This website allows you to create short animated movies very, very easily by simply typing up dialogue and using text-to-speech type computerized voices.  The resulting movies are kind of crude, but really fun to play around with. You can even indulge your inner director and play around with camera angles, closeups, that sort of thing. I think my kids are really going to love this.

I’m going to have my AP kids dialogue out a short conversation between pairs of people with opposing political views in the 1850s (Know Nothing vs. Irish Immigrant democrat bay-by, yaaay-ah, it’s on!) and create movies to share. If it goes well with them, I can imagine several different types of projects I could use this for, especially in my English classes.

I actually came upon this application through the video clip below which has been making its way around my Facebook friends’ list.  Fair warning, it’s a pretty cynical look at a parent teacher conference.  ;)

Parent Teacher Conference

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