Jun 23 2010

Wrapped up.

I’m finally finished bedding down the classroom for the year.

Bookcases are wrapped:

Bookcase wrapped
Room diagram is drawn:

I always hate leaving my classroom for the year. I work so much better up at school than it do at home; it is like my office. I very rarely take any work home — only the occasional stack of essays. It’s funny because this is the exact opposite of how I operated my first year. My first year teaching I got almost nothing accomplished at school. I never used my planning period very effectively and I couldn’t stand to be in the building, so I would flee early. As soon as I got home I’d be on my computer working, usually until I went to bed with only a break for dinner. It is so much nicer and more relaxing to be able to leave work at school and to be able to come up to my room to work whenever I want (something I couldn’t do at my old school).

So, room, until next year, I bid you adieu.

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