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Jun 26 2010

YouTube is a Jerk.

I’ve read a couple of posts about new CMs’ introductions to the latest dance craze to sweep the youth of the nation – The Jerk. One thing that was a constant at my school was dancing – kids, other faculty, everyone seemed to all of a sudden know these dances that I had never heard…

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Jun 25 2010

Bloggy style.

Feedback requested!  I’m working on building a web site for my AP US History class. In college I taught myself basic HTML, but I didn’t want to fuss with that, so I’m using the wonderful Google sites, which I particularly like because it allows me to very easily use Google widgets such as Google calendar.…

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Jun 24 2010


Report cards went out yesterday and I already have three parent emails. I think this says it all:

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Jun 23 2010

Wrapped up.

I’m finally finished bedding down the classroom for the year. Bookcases are wrapped: Room diagram is drawn: I always hate leaving my classroom for the year. I work so much better up at school than it do at home; it is like my office. I very rarely take any work home — only the occasional…

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Jun 16 2010

Sleep well.

Summer is here. Oh, it’s not official yet for me, since I’m wrapping my year up teaching summer school and finishing cleaning out my class room. (Sorry custodial staff! I promise I’ll be done soon!) For all intents and purposes though, summer is here. Ahhhhhh….

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Jun 11 2010

Not even remotely surprised.

Our high school’s graduation was tonight at 8:00. As I left my classroom at 4:30, people were setting up to tailgate outside the school with coolers and lawnchairs. Ah, country livin’.

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A conversation with a fellow teacher about a mutual student (this kid). Me: “So, I hear K passed your EOC.” Him: “Yep” Me: “Wow. I’m impressed. He really struggles in my class.” Him: “Yeah, I have to admit I was a bit surprised. He seemed like he was trying on the test, but then…” Me:…

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Jun 07 2010

Five Years.

June 4th Five years ago I graduated from UCSB. My college, CCS, had early graduation, so I had taken my finals early to be ready for departure the next day. I walked across the stage in Campbell Hall and I remember thinking “I should be proud of myself” but I wasn’t particularly, because I had…

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