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Apr 08 2010

Am I not making myself clear?

I counted last wednesday; I said “No touching!” or some variation thereof thirty-two times that day. I’m starting to feel like a pull string doll. “No touching!” “Stop touching him!” “Hey! No touching in the hallway!” “No touching in my room!” “Save the touching for later.” Male-female. Female-female. Male-male. Male-male-male. “No touching! No touching! No…

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Apr 06 2010

Mythology & Disappointment

I tried a new unit with 10th grade English this semester, mostly thanks to the new English teacher in the department with whom I have become chummy. In the past, I have filled the gap in our curriculum betwen Night and The Kite Runner with a world poetry unit (haiku, Anceint Egyptian poetry, etc.) it…

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Spring Break has begun and the great and enduring National Boards saga is complete, at least until I have to take the test in May. Chris and I finished packing our portfolios Tuesday at 10:30pm, about six and a half hours after we started (label, number, label, number, label, number, ad nauseum) just in time…

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