Mar 01 2010

Stupidest. Argument. Ever.

(Two students in my 2nd block after a discussion of Civil War pensions).

D: “Mrs. B., how much is an army pension these days?”

Me: “I don’t know exactly. It depends on whether you served in combat, whether you were injured, that sort of thing.”

“You get more if you are inured?”


“When I’m in the army I’m going to wait until, like, my last day there and then cut off my arm and say I was hurt in combat!”

(T, another student, interjects) “But dude, then you’ll only have one arm!”

D: “Nuh-uh. By the time I’m out of the army they’ll have, like, cool robot arms.”

T: “Well, that’ll be after 2012, so I wouldn’t count on it.”

(Me, sensing that this is getting heated and trying to insert some reason into this conversation) “Guys, let me sum up this argument for you to see if we can get a handle on it, ‘I’m going to have a robot arm!’ ‘No you’re not, the internet says we’ll all be dead’ Is that what you’re arguing about here?”

D: “Yup.”

T: “That about covers it”

Me: “Oookay then.”

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