Jan 24 2010


I am:

* Finished grading 90 lovely (and not so lovely) essays from my AP students’ midterms.

* Thinking back on the week of testing and work days we just had and wondering where all of my time went.

* Remembering that it went to creating an interdisciplinary “Historical Literature through Film” unit in conjunction with the AP Lang & Comp teacher and a Ning.com project for role playing Gilded Age historical figures. Oh yeah.

* Mourning the loss of Glee and the potential for a Chargers Super Bowl while eagerly anticipating the Olympics.

*  Freezing my not so little hiney off in the unseasonable cold snap we have been experiencing. (17 degrees! In North Carolina!)

* Cleaning my class room so that it no longer looks like small animals nest on top of my desk.

* Dreading my new 4th period standard Sophomore English which has a 10:1 guy/girl ratio.  Starts tomorrow. Oh goody.

* Feeling somewhat guilty for neglecting this blog.

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  1. BW

    Glad you’re back.

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