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Sep 27 2009

A.P. does not maturity equal.

A series of conversations during 4th block group work the other day… “Mrs. B!” “Yes?” “How do you write an ampersand? Is it like this? Or like this? “Like this.” “See! I told you!” “Psh.” “Ha! Ha!” “All right, ladies and gents, no gloating.”  *a few minutes later* “Mrs. B!” “Yes?” “Which is correct, ‘I…

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Sep 19 2009

The hard is what makes it great.

Today is a Saturday, but I was up at school for about three hours. I’ll probably be up there again tomorrow for an equal amount of time. What gets me working seven days a week? Give me an A! (A!) Give me a P! (P!) What does that spell? AP! So yeah, APUSH had their…

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Sep 12 2009


I just updated my “About Me” page to reflect the change in school year and my marital status. I’ve also added a semi confidential email address where you can contact me privately. I love to share teaching materials and resources, so let me know if I can help you out!

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Sep 07 2009

And so you’re back…

(I should have changed that stupid lock, I should have made you leave that key…) The kids are back! AAAAAHHH! Run away! Run away! All right, all right. The kids are back and it’s not that bad. I had a spectacularly awesome summer (and wedding) which made the thought of going back to work extra…

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