Jun 14 2009


I feel a little guilty posting this, what with all of the stressed, serious, and purposeful first year CM blogs I have seen but … I love summer.

Usually, the end of the year brings with it such a lovely sense of lifting responsibilities and lazy relaxation. I am feeling that right now, but the feeling won’t last long this year. I plan to enjoy the next two weeks fully, since they are the only real relaxation I am likely to have this summer. I have big plans for the months ahead including, attending a Gilder-Lehrman seminar on the American Revolution, attending A.P. training, and getting married! Chris and I are also planning major house painting and a cross country road trip. By the time school starts up again in August I’ll probably be ready for a break!

I feel antsy right now, like I should be grading something, planning for something, typing something, PowerPointing something, just doing something, but instead I am going to go make myself a smoothie and catch up on my YA series reading. (What? I’m …um… previewing them for my classroom library. Shut up.)

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