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Jun 24 2009

End of Year Survey

I was filing away some of my stuff from the end of the year today and I came across the end of year surveys I always give my classes. These are mostly from the AP kids, since I only had a chance to give the survey to a small number of my standard kids. As…

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Jun 23 2009

Read this Post.

A word of warning to all of you starting blogs; unless you teach very, very young children YOUR STUDENTS WILL GOOGLE YOU! Even if you teach very, very young children your students’ parents, your coworkers, and your bosses will google you. Make that assumption right off the bat. Please, please avoid using your real name…

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Jun 14 2009


I feel a little guilty posting this, what with all of the stressed, serious, and purposeful first year CM blogs I have seen but … I love summer. Usually, the end of the year brings with it such a lovely sense of lifting responsibilities and lazy relaxation. I am feeling that right now, but the…

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Jun 10 2009

Last day!

Today was the official last day of school (although I haven’t had many kids the last few days because of testing). My EOC scores came in very, very well. All of the AP kids passed the EOC (something I’d like to take for granted, but which was far from certain) and so did … (wait…

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