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May 31 2009

In review.

10 Things About This Week: 1. We have been reviewing heavily all week for the EOCs. 2nd block is striking fear into my heart as fully 3/4 of the class are on the bubble between passing and not passing the exam (a graduation requirement!) and they can’t be bothered to study twenty vocab words a…

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May 25 2009

And a little cheese?

The school year, in its perverse way, is both flying and crawling toward its inevitable end. May has been and will continue to be a packed month. Once the AP test was over (relatively successfully, by all accounts… we shall see), it has been a rush of last minute field trips (we’re going to D.C.…

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May 03 2009

The nature of the beast.

In the middle of the school year I inherited a truly wonderful group of AP US History students after their teacher left to take a job at DPI. The AP US History exam, all three and a half hours of it, is coming up this Friday and I am SO incredibly nervous. I don’t remember being…

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May 01 2009

The King of Wishful Thinking.

Student: “Ms. W, if I got the swine flu they’d probably have to close the school, right?” Me: “Well, yes, probably.” Student: *cough cough*    *ahem*    “Oink.” Me: “It’s the flu. Try sneezing.”

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