Feb 20 2009

Poking the Tiger

A conversation with one of my 2nd block lovelies.  

“Ms. W!! Someone cut one!”

“Do you need to step outside?”

“Me? It wasn’t me!!”

“Well, you’re the only one who seems to be bothered.”

“They all smell it too!”

“And yet they seem to be able to handle it without shrieking.”

mumblemumblemumble… “It wasn’t me…”

“Do we have a problem?”


“Good, because I would hate to have to write a referral saying ‘He who smelt it dealt it.’”

It took a few minutes, but I eventually got the class back.

Teacher: 1; Student: 0

3 Responses

  1. chrisb

    That…. is…. fabulous.

  2. Old Mrs W

    This is very funny…will remember..will come in handy

  3. Future TFAer

    Wow. Well played! :)

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