Dec 09 2008

Likes and Dislikes

One Thing I Like About Teaching:

Guaranteed comments on my (fairly dramatic) new hair cut.

*gasp* “Ms W! OMG!!! YOU GOT YOUR HAIR CUT!!”

“Ooh, Ms. W. I like your hair. It frames your face well.”

“Ms. W. you look twenty years younger!”

and from one young gentleman…

“Ms. W, your hair looks bangin’ … if I may say.”

One Thing I Dislike About Teaching:

I teach fifty-three sophomores in two classes. Five are currently suspended. Five. That is almost ten percent.

One for insubordination/ disrespect (to me)

One for fighting (and taking a swing at the Assistant Principal)

Another for fighting (in a fight unrelated to the previous suspension)

One for posession of marijuana (which I am about 95% certain he was planning to sell in my 4th block).

One for excessive tardies (no… I can’t explain that one).

Three of those five kids are out for ten days which basically means that three of those five kids will be failing my class almost automatically, since they will probably not bother to make up their work or their days.


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