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Dec 16 2008

News to Me

A conversation today with one of my (biracial) students:  “How was your lunch?” “Ohh, it was so good Ms. W!” “What did you have?” “I had the best Bojangles fried chicken. It made me feel all black again!” “…” “Fried chicken makes you feel black?” “Yep, sure do.” This conversation, of course, ignited a lengthy…

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Dec 09 2008

Likes and Dislikes

One Thing I Like About Teaching: Guaranteed comments on my (fairly dramatic) new hair cut. *gasp* “Ms W! OMG!!! YOU GOT YOUR HAIR CUT!!” “Ooh, Ms. W. I like your hair. It frames your face well.” “Ms. W. you look twenty years younger!” and from one young gentleman… “Ms. W, your hair looks bangin’ … if…

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