Oct 26 2008

When I rule the world…

Chris and I have a lot of converstions that begin with the phrase, “When I rule the world…”

For example, one of Chris’s favorites is, “When I rule the world, there will be no right turns on red.” I might respond with, “When I rule the world, lawmakers passing laws restricting the sale of pseudoephedrine will be taken out back and summarily shot.”

As you might imagine, for two teachers conversationally it was a short step from “when I rule the world” to “when I open my own school…” scenarios. Neither one of us has any real intention (at least at this juncture) of opening our own school, but the “what if” does serve as a way to relieve tensions. (“When I open my own school, students who leave their names off their papers will be taken out back and summarily shot. Wait, no. They’ll be automatically docked 5%”)

This weekend I have come up with my favorite “when I open my own school;” one that I think might actually have some validity in the real world (well, the charter school world, at least).

When I open my own school, students will go year round Tuesday through Thursday, and Monday will become a permanent teacher work day.

You see, tomorrow (Monday) is a teacher workday and I have just had the most glorious weekend. I didn’t spend nights lying awake wondering, “what will we do on Monday?” or “did I make those copies? I think I did, but what if I didn’t?” I knew that I would have the time to, as a professional, ready my classroom, my lessons and myself for students. Time that is not begrudgingly eeked out of what should be my personal life or hobbled by the mental exhaustion that comes after a hard day in the classroom.

I am generally extremely productive on workdays. Tomorrow I will get my grades done, plan for Monday, sketch out LPs for the rest of the week, finish the graduation project implementation guide I have been working on and clean up the reading corner (which badly needs it). How much better of a teacher would I be with this kind of mental and physical preparation time every week? They could even plan meetings in the afternoons and I wouldn’t whine too much. Want me to meet with 3 dfferent “PLCs” twice a month? No problem! With workday mondays I could afford to indulge your administrative whims with relative good grace.

Pipe dream though it may be, workday mondays are a lovely thing to fantasize about. Why should I have to work on Sundays? That should be my time. Yeah. Yeah! Oh … wait … I suppose this is what I signed on for isn’t it?




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