Sep 30 2008

Stop — Haiku time!

We have been studying haiku lately with my 10th graders (as part of a world poetry unit) and today I had them write haiku about themselves. These haiku were not supposed to have their names in them, but were supposed to give clues that someone could guess from. Tomorrow they’re getting a worksheet with all of the ‘kus scrambled up to try to figure out who wrote which poem.

I thought I’d present a sampling for you (potential) enjoyment. some of them are pretty good, some made me chuckle, some just made me shake my head.

Colorguard princess
Just like the bright morning sun
Her smile is warming

Very good looking
Very sophisticated
Very Athletic

With guitar in hand
He strums that metal music
Master of the strings

Why am I so fly?
Is it ‘cause of my haters?
We will never know!

I like to have fun
Though many times I’m quiet
And proud to be Hispanic

I may not be smart
I play and never try at school
But I’m’a graduate!

I am a random
Just a cute little girl here
In a big world

I’m in the 10th grade
I am a happy mother
She is seven months old

Tall, blonde, blue-eyed girl
Sits quietly deep in thought
With a lot to say.

Aaaand, of course, then there is Ms. W’s haiku:

Head of the classroom
May I have your attention?
Please settle down now!

Do you think they’ll guess it’s me?

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  1. chrisb

    Fun! Sometimes I wish I taught kids who wrote things like this… It would be fun to read writing that didn’t involve Pokemon once in a while.

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