Sep 26 2008


We had a “soft” lockdown today during 1st period as police and drug dogs searched the campus. This is not an uncommon experience in high schools these days, although I haven’t had my classroom and kids searched since my first year when (I swear) several of my brilliant students hid contraband in my colored pencil box. Until today.

They announced soft lockdown at the beginning of first block, this means that no one is to leave the classrooms, but that instruction should continue as usual. About 45 minutes into class they came to my room, told the kids to leave all of their belongings in the room and had everyone file out into the hallway while a (scary) german shepard sniffed the room.

We stood out in the hallway with an assistant principal (flicking his lighter on and off) listening to the kids cough and sniffle (flu season is upon us). I spent most of my time hoping the dog wouldn’t eat my lunch. Eventually, they called one of my kids into the room. Hushed voice conversation ensued. Ruh-roh.

I don’t know what exactly happened (teachers are so out of the loop), but he came back out to the hallway and filed back into class with us a few minutes later.

Care to guess how many kids wanted to discuss haiku after that? None would be about right.

A few minutes before the period was scheduled to end they came back over the intercom, “The soft lockdown has ended. You may unlock your doors and use the hallways as necessary. Instruction may resume.”

Instruction may resume?

“Ms. W, you hear that? You wasn’t supposed to be teachin’ us!” 

“You owe us free time!”

“Yeah, we should get free time on Monday!”

“When pigs fly. Now, back to haiku…” 

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