Sep 17 2008


Last night I violated a six foot tall paper mache bee.

The end.

What? You feel that story needs more explanation? Oh well, if you insist.

Although it is my first year at this new school, I plunged in feet first and signed up to be a Prom adviser, figuring that, by then, I’d be pretty well settled and ready to engage in extracurriculars. Little did I know that being a Prom adviser automatically made me a Junior adviser as well and, oh, didn’t anyone tell you? Homecoming is the 4th week of school this year and for the first time ever we’re building floats on 16 foot long trailers! Have fun!

So, for the past week and a half I have been spending many of my after school hours helping to design and build the Junior float for the Homecoming parade. I have to say that my fellow adviser did a lot of work as well and that the kids were excellent and (mostly) self directed. But still …

We’ve been working at one of the kids’ house which is nice in terms of parental supervision. Unfortunately, her backyard abuts a wooded area that seems to contain all of the mosquitoes in the greater North Carolina area. I have bug bites all over me; I have bites in places that bites should not be–like the bottom of my foot, and under my bra line. Like, really? How did a mosquito get there?

Add that to the fact that it has been either extremely humid (80% after the sun went down on Friday) or raining the entire week and you don’t exactly have a festive float building atmosphere.

Despite the many challenges, I have to say I think our float looks excellent.  Our host student had a very crafty father who helped us weld things and whatnot, so we have achieved what I feel is a very high level of technical difficulty (9.5 from the Russian judge).

The centerpiece of the float is the (aforementioned) six foot tall bee made out of chicken wire and tissue paper. Lots and lots of tissue paper.  Our main task last night was suspending the bee, so that he would stay upright. And thus, I spent last night shoving a spray painted metal tube up the *ahem* backside of a six foot tall paper mache bee. And joking about it. With students.

I love my job.

ETA: Preliminary bee picture (from a cell phone camera). Pictures of the whole float will almost certainly follow.

Bee 1

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  1. Other Ms. W

    Love the bee.

  2. chrisb

    O, MG, I love that. Seriously, I wish I got to do things like that. The crafty things I do for my job are far more juvenile looking than that. And usually made with crayons and construction paper.

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