Sep 14 2008


I don’t write a whole lot about my personal life on here, but I think I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Chris and I got engaged last weekend! < insert goofy smile here > I am extremely excited but, because my ring was off getting re-sized all week, I haven’t really talked about it except to family and close friends. I’m not really the type of teacher to make any sort of announcement to the class. In fact, I have a general policy of not talking about any relationship that I may be in with my students. I always tell my kids on day one that there are two questions I will not answer; how old I am (stemming from the fact that I was – dear god!- twenty-one when I started teaching) and anything about my relationship status. I used to flash my hand at them and tell them, “Not married. No kids. That’s it.”

I have a feeling that will go out the window tomorrow morning. Many of the kids I have now had Chris last year (when I was still at a different school) and so they know from him about his girlfriend. Given what a small town this is, most of them have figured out how things stand from seeing us at a football game together or at WalMart, or some such. Just Friday I fended off one of his former students in my homeroom who informed me (somewhat menacingly), “I figured out who you are!”

… all right then.

So, Monday should be interesting, to say the least.

On another teacherly note, I have to admit that, right after I said, “yes,” one of my first thoughts was, “Gosh darn it! Now I’ll have to re-label all of those books! ”

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    How very exciting! Yay for you!

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