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Sep 30 2008

Stop — Haiku time!

We have been studying haiku lately with my 10th graders (as part of a world poetry unit) and today I had them write haiku about themselves. These haiku were not supposed to have their names in them, but were supposed to give clues that someone could guess from. Tomorrow they’re getting a worksheet with all…

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Sep 26 2008


We had a “soft” lockdown today during 1st period as police and drug dogs searched the campus. This is not an uncommon experience in high schools these days, although I haven’t had my classroom and kids searched since my first year when (I swear) several of my brilliant students hid contraband in my colored pencil…

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Sep 24 2008

Oh god…

I’m grading our final exams for the book Night, by Elie Wiesel. As I’m grading the exam of one of my sweet, but extremely EC children (her case manager told me, “Oh, her? She’s … sloooow…”) I came across these little gems: ┬áBonus questions (trivia time!): 1. What is Elie’s father’s name? – Hitler 2.…

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Sep 19 2008

Gratuitous Float Pictures

Man, my kids were cranky today. It must have been the whole actual work on Friday thing that their evil, mean, cruel teacher forced on them. I mean, a lesson on commas, on homecoming Friday? Come oooooon, Ms. W! Can’t we have some freeee time? No, whiny children, you cannot. I choose not to think…

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Sep 17 2008


Last night I violated a six foot tall paper mache bee. The end. What? You feel that story needs more explanation? Oh well, if you insist. Although it is my first year at this new school, I plunged in feet first and signed up to be a Prom adviser, figuring that, by then, I’d be…

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Sep 14 2008


I don’t write a whole lot about my personal life on here, but I think I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Chris and I got engaged last weekend! < insert goofy smile here > I am extremely excited but, because my ring was off getting re-sized all week, I haven’t really talked…

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Sep 10 2008

A valid question.

We had a “Graduation Awareness Week” assembly this morning which was supposed to take 30 – 40 minutes, but instead wasted my entire first period. They showed a video (“InsideOut”) of prison inmates (many of them serving Life without parole) talking about how they went wrong when they dropped out of school and how important…

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Sep 04 2008

Ups and Downs

In my 3rd block honors class today I had a child say, “This is my favorite class!” (to which I replied, “Oh honey, I’m sorry”), approximately 45 minutes later I was in the hallway with my 4th block sophomores reading them the riot act. I chewed them all out and made them all shake my…

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Sep 02 2008

Fire Drill Revelations

A fire drill this morning really solidified the difference between old school and new, for me. I can’t say that I see it in the classroom much (except for a greater tendency of the students to call me “ma’am” instead of “hey, yo!” and the lack of a wanderer/ desk hopper in any of my…

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