Aug 27 2008

Thus far…

Thus far in my first week of teaching this year:

  • My 4th block gained nine new students, necessitating the emergency procurement of extra desks.
  • I still have no access to my work email.
  • The phone in my room spent two days re-routing my calls to some poor woman’s house (one of my students’ parents it turns out!)
  • My 4th block later lost six students, allowing me to return some of the aforementioned new desks.
  • My 1st period broke my hole puncher on day two, which has to be some sort of record.
  • The number of blisters I have from new shoes is up to four.
  • The number of times I have tripped over the overhead cord is already in the double digits.
  • I received a vaguely threatening note in my box informing me that I had “Failed to turn in 8/25 SUPT!”     …eh?
  • At least ten students have asked me what happened to the teacher who used to be in my room. (“I killed her and ate her. No, wait, they moved her to the new building.”)
  • Attendance is working. No it’s not. Yes, it is. No it’s not. Why haven’t you taken attendance?
  • I’m up to three freak outs over how to teach grammar in as many days.
  • Second period planning both sucks and blows.
  • I’m tired.

The end.

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  1. chrisb

    4 blisters. Day 1. Must get more band-aids.

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