Aug 17 2008

The flip side.

I had a meeting yesterday that felt quite worthwhile (for a change). TFA ENC had its first professional development of the school year and I was able to go to a special lunch session on Alumni in Teaching. 05s and 06s who are still teaching in the region met to discuss what a teaching alumni community might look like. I felt like a lot of people expressed some of the same concerns and issues that I have and that some very interesting possibilities were floated. All in all, it was nice to feel a positive vibe coming out of a meeting. I was also able to connect with some fellow alums teaching English in the area; I hope I’ll be able to stay at least somewhat in contact with them. I think it will help my transformation from Social Studies guru to new English teacher. I also was able chat for a while with my former 05 Biology colleague, who is now also working at another (nearby) school. It was good to touch base with her; there is really no substitute for someone who came up with you and taught the same students. I’m really going to miss that TFA interaction at my new school.

I can’t believe that work days start tomorrow. That means that my summer is basically officially over! This has to be the fastest summer I have ever experienced; between summer school, my trip to San Diego, and various other things, it feels like the time has just rushed by! Since it is the end of summer, I thought I would check in on my goals list and see how I did.

Summer Goals:

1. Strip the wallpaper and paint the kitchen Done and done. And it looks fabulous, if I do say so myself.

2. Visit the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History once it re-opens in the late summer. I’m going to excuse myself from this one, as the museum hasn’t reopened yet. Museum-wise, I did go to see the Getty Villa with the family while I was at home.

3. Pay off my credit card! (I still have debt from moving out here to ENC, which is ridiculous.) Sadly, no. But it is lower!

4. Read the following books:

- John Adams, by David McCulloch Done.
- Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong, by James Loewen Done.
- The Peabody Sisters, by Megan Marshall Halfway done.
- Relentless Pursuit, by Donna Foote Done.
- All of the books bought for my classroom library (I like to read them so that I can recommend them). Not done, but I gained so many that I’m going to give myself a pass on this.

5. Watch the following:

-The Century: America’s Time all the way through. Not done. (I’m sad about this one; I wanted it to happen.)

-Becoming Jane, which I own but have not yet seen. Done.

6. Exersize at least twice a week. (Not as consistently done as I would have liked, but it did happen)

7. Re-learn how to cook without butter, olive oil, and cream. (I have been doing better, but I can’t cross this off in all honesty)

8. Create my Long Term Plan and first unit plan for my new curriculum. (Erm….)

9. (Pursuant to number 8 ) Spread out my school work over the course of about 3 weeks, rather than several days. (Umm…)

10. Discover which 08 CMs are placed at my old school and relentlessly pursue relationships with them. ;) (This I feel like I’ve done a good job with. I met with the girl who basically took my position and gave her a bunch of my stuff. I really liked her and felt like we hit it off, so I hope we’ll be able to keep in contact without my becoming too annoying.)

Overall, not too bad. There are definitely a few left undone that I really wish I had made happen, but no time for regrets. Here we go with year four!

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