Aug 14 2008

Deskless in North Carolina.

Yesterday, while I was up at school for professional development, I took the opportunity offered by one of the breaks to run up to my room to check on the desk situation. You may remember that, as of last week, I had exactly two (2) student desks in my room. The others were old and broken down and had been taken away (presumably) to be replaced with new shiny desks from… the desk store? I dunno.

Here’s a little recap of the desk related action yesterday:

9:30am: I run up to my room (well, hobble up to my room, since I’m breaking in my new pair of work shoes). I open my classroom door with bated breath … curses! Foiled again! Still no desks. I return downstairs and begin to outline my plan to buy a rug and train the kids to sit criss-cross-applesauce while I teach them to sing “The Rainbow Connection.”

12:50pm: After a lunch provided by the school (starch city!), I wander up to my room to retrieve the notepad I left up there on my earlier foray. I run into the custodial staff. They are two doors down from me, sitting in some student desks chatting. Doo dee doo dee doo…wait. Student desks? That room didn’t have student desks before. Upon investigation I discover that they are moving the old student desks back into the rooms. Why? They couldn’t get new desks? Did funds run out? No one knows. We’ll get the old desks back into your room right away, they promise.
Oh goody.

1:05pm: Back downstairs a fellow teacher/friend (without knowing what transpired upstairs) informs me, “Oh, I just found out from [our AP] that the desks are coming in, but they’re on back order. They’ll be here sometime next week!”


5:50pm: Back up at the school to find some of Chris’s storage binders. I peek into my room. Still no desks, old or otherwise. Le sigh.

I have no doubt that I’ll eventually get desks (although the rug plan is sounding more and more tempting) but this whole back and forth thing is getting a little silly. Here’s hoping they’re in place by the workdays next week.

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  1. My friend in St. Louis had to spend the first 2 weeks of school without desks or chairs. She described it as teaching – picinic style. It was no doubt hard, but she is still alive and teaching. Also, bug the CRAP out of the custodians or you will not get desks ever. Bribe them with something yummy.

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