Aug 02 2008

Gone buggy.

The promised room arranging post has been put on hold for some time now due to the fact that I still have no student desks in my room. I’m finding that I’m having a hard time placing my other furniture without the desks. This year I’ll have more desks (and larger classes) than I’ve had, well, ever and I’m having a hard time picturing how they’ll work spatially.

In the meantime, I’ve been reduced to putting a few things up on my walls and pushing around some furniture. I was up in my room briefly last night for the first time since I returned from San Diego. Chris and I were the only ones in the building (it was about 7:00pm) and our rooms are on the same hall, so we were yelling back and forth at will.

The first task I tackled was moving the tall bookcase into position for the reading corner. Unfortunately after about three shoves a problem revealed itself.

This little dude was hanging out under the bookcase.

My reaction was threefold:

1. Jump back/ small shriek/ curse word
2. Take a picture
3. Go tell Chris.

“Hey hon, there’s a roach the size of, like, a silver dollar in my room.”

“Oh yeah, this building has bugs.”

“It’s big and brown and *shudder*”

“There are roaches here that probably have tenure.”

“Um… can these roaches fly?”



“Well, I don’t think they fly very well.”

“I’m not so much concerned about their efficacy as, say, their ability to get into my hair.”


“So, you’re not going to come squash it for me?”

“Yeah, no.”

Since my shoes were decidedly not roach squishers (let that be a lesson to me) and since the roach had retreated to under my rolly files by the time I got back the the room I decided to operate on a live and let live system for the rest of the evening and just hope that the the roach would do the same.

I started construction on the reading corner.

and checked on the roach.

I put up my no whining motto.

aaand checked on the roach.

It was like some sort of weird roach sumo match. I stayed a ten foot radius away from the last known location of the roach at all times, but I still managed to get some things accomplished. I got a little bit of decorating done and started on some of my more major projects. Just as I was considering packing up to leave, the roach–which had been staying politely hidden under some piece of furniture or another–made a dash for it and stopped in the middle of the room.

All right then buddy, this means war. You’re going down!

Hah! You mess with Ms. W, you get the book.

(By the way, I swear I did not pose that photo, that is exactly how the book and bug landed apres battle.)

2 Responses

  1. chrisb

    I like your motto. Definitely stealing that one. :-)

  2. Old Mrs. W

    Listen, I hate to tell you… but I think there is no such thing as just one roach.

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