Jul 28 2008


One of the main things I have been doing school-wise while on vacation in San Diego (ummm, ok, the only thing) is collecting books for my new and improved classroom library. I really want to have a good selection of books that reflect the demographics of the school I will be teaching at next year.

I did pretty well over the last week or so.

These I liberated from various bookcases in my childhood home.

Books from Home

Why yes, I did read a lot of series books when I was younger. Why do you ask?

These I purchased from our local friends of the library bookstore (for $16.25!!)

PQ Lib Books

These were bought from the normal bookstore. I know, I know.

Bookstore books

And these are the result of a giddy spree at a local used bookstore. This tab was very kindly picked up by my mother, for which I can’t thank her enough.

Pow Bookstore Book

With all of these and what I already had I think I’m well on the way to an excellent classroom library.

Wait. What’s that you say? How am I getting the books from San Diego to North Carolina? Umm. Good question.


4 Responses

  1. chrisb

    Book rate is the best thing EVER!

  2. No kidding! When I mailed them I could watch the price go down for each box as he flipped down the price scale. $102.08 … $52.35 …. $27.49 …. $10.82.


  3. Old Mrs. W

    Just a note – heavy reading of serial fiction when you are young is one of the strongest predictors of reading for pleasure throughout your life. So…nothing to apologize for.

  4. outta-tchg-4good

    I know all about collecting books for the classroom; I had a collection of over 5000 (yep, thousand), all children’s trade books. These were gathered from many places during a 25-year teaching span. My teacher-daughter took about a thousand, and I donated the rest to a school in need…loved doing that. I continue to add to my daughter’s collection by purchasing books she requests/needs.

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