Jul 13 2008


With summer school now over I am truly beginning to feel that great summer feeling. That feeling of long, long days stretching before me with little to no expectations for my time. Want to work? I can. Want to sprawl on the couch for four hours reading and then go take a nap? I can. I am always antsy and ready to go back to work by the end of summer, but the beginning, ah the beginning. Summer is far, far better as a teacher than it ever was as a student.

I remember the summer after I first started teaching. I finished all of my tasks early that workday. I had everything checked off, signed off and taken down. Feeling a bit like a sprung convict, I jetted out of the building at about 12:30 and raced home to the lake house. Within about 15 minutes, I was in the lake on a tube, floating in bliss with the five other teachers I lived with. I had lived in that lake house for an entire school year and had never truly appreciated the lake the way I did that afternoon. I drifted along in the blue, soaking in the beautiful early summer weather and I just thought, “Ahhhhhhhhhhh….” Literally. It was a release of tension that seemed to go on forever. The only thing that topped that feeling was the whole next week of waking up at around 6:00am and defiantly flipping over and going back to sleep. It made me almost giddy, it was such a wonderful sensation.

I have never again gotten as much satisfaction out of the summer as I did in that first one, but then again, I have probably never again been wound as tightly as I was then. This year I feel a good mixture of lazy and purposeful. Having taught summer school at my new school, I feel that I have met some good people, become accustomed to the buildings and (all importantly) made nice with the janitorial staff. I finally got the keys to my room on Friday and yesterday Chris and I moved the large mound of my classroom stuff out of our house and in to the room, finally. I have a very nice classroom, with a lovely bank of windows in the old, historic building. Unfortunately, the teacher who was in the room before me moved to another room in the school, and she basically took everything that wasn’t nailed down, including all of the furniture, the computer, the dictionaries, and the filing cabinets. I’ll have some scavenging to do when I get back from CA.

For now, however, I’m going to let lazy take over for a little while. Chris and I are going to see Hancock today at the little dollar theater in town (where I will invariably run in to large numbers of former students) and then I have no plans until Wednesday afternoon, when I get on a plane to go home to California for a week and a half. I am SO looking forward to this visit home that I don’t even really know how to express it. I’m ready to get out of here for a while and see my family and SoCal again.

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