Jul 07 2008

Summer work…

Last week we had a week off from summer school, ostensibly for the 4th of July holiday, though I’m not sure why we needed a full week.

.I spent some of my time off advancing (at least somewhat) on my summer goals. I have started to tentatively plan for my English II classes. The class is technically called “World Literature,” but since Sophomores have to take the state writing test it usually turns into basically a writing class. There was some talk that the writing test would be eliminated this year, but it looks like we’ll have at least one more year of sheer torture. I am full of all sorts of high falutin’ ideals about doing a unit from every continent (World Literature don’t ya know. Wise ass Chris keeps asking me what I’ll do for the Antarctica unit) but that plan will probably fall to the demands of the writing test and the semester block schedule.

.All of this thinking (this terrible, terrible, thinking) only occupied second place in my attention, however, our main project last week was a full frontal assault on the kitchen and hallway walls. Ever since we moved into the house two years ago I have been wanting to strip off the wallpaper and paint the main part of the house. Last summer we ran out of money and time for the project, but this summer it was on.

.We went from this:

Indescribable bordello style wallpaper with holographic flowers (“No way! Holographic?” “Yes. Sadly.”)


To this:


With stops at this:


and this:
chaos 2
along the way.

.A great improvement, I think. The bottom color looks a little more orange in the photo than it does in real life, for some reason, but overall I am extremely pleased with the outcome. The problem is that now I have been bitten by the home improvement bug. But the home isn’t mine! I want to install shelves, and repaint the bathroom, and screen in the porch, and, and, and….

.I think I need to re-channel my energy into lesson planning.

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