Jul 01 2008

ENC Pictures Part II

Back again with more photo fun!

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I love the countryside out here, and it’s a good thing too, considering the amount of driving I have to do.

One thing that always strikes me as I drive around ENC is how close the “good” and “bad” neighborhoods are together. You could have a sweet little ranch house that you saved for years to afford.

And it could less than two blocks away from this:

Or these:

It just all seems to meld together.

There are some truly beautiful and well kept houses here

(apologies for the pole in this shot)

Most of them date from the time when the combination of rivers, railroads, and mills bought wealth flooding into the pockets of the privileged few, but they are obviously still lived in and nicely kept.

My question is: where do their children go to school?

Industry is still present in the region, although in diminished form. This paper mill spreads its stench over a wide area near where I live.

I could be totally mistaken, but I am pretty sure that this is the local cotton gin (cotton processing plant).

Ah, Eli Whitney, how far we have come.

This old drive-in theater always makes me sad.

I wonder why it closed. Surely entertainment is always needed.

I love the late afternoon light.

Sometimes, when I drive on the freeway, I begin to feel absolutely enclosed by trees.

Common sights:

So there it is; my small slice of ENC. I could never have imagined it three years ago but it was here all here time. It is still here. Waiting.

Part I

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  1. Current CM

    I am a 2011 ENC CM currently at Institute. I’ve been looking through your posts and would love to view these pictures but there is nothing to be seen!!

  2. AAAHHH!! My pictures! My beautiful, beautiful pictures! Thanks for bringing this to my attention. None of the pictures in my posts from before the site migrated over seem to be displaying, although they definitely were previously. I’ll try to contact the admin.

    Thanks for the heads up! I hope Institute is going well!

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