Jun 25 2008

Class lists…

I got the list of classes that I’ll be teaching next year today. Part of me wants to say “Finally!” as I was supposed to have this a week or so ago. The other part of me reminds me that last year, at my placement school, I didn’t find out exactly what my classes were until literally the day before school began. TFA experiences put all things in perspective.

My classes for next year:

Fall semester:

Two sections of English 10 – Standard

One section of English 10 – Honors

Spring Semester:

Two sections of English 10 – Standard

One section of U.S. History – Honors

This is a pretty good schedule for me. I’m happy to have an honors section each semester and I’m happy to be keeping my foot in the Social Studies door; I was concerned that they would have me teaching all English.

So, here we go. Year 4. Let the excitement (and the planning) begin!

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  1. garyrubinstein

    Hi Ms. W,
    I appreciate that you responded to one of my posts. I wanted to let you know that I’ve posted a link to a workshop I once did for TFA about classroom management. You can go to my blog to see it, and, if you like it, please spread the word. http://garyrubinstein.teachfor.us


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