Jun 09 2008

Conflicting emotions.

Today is technically a school day, although there are very few kids here because finals are over and graduation is done. I finally started admitting to kids that I was leaving next year on Thursday (after I gave my last final). I have had mixed reactions, in 4th block the scene played out as such…

D: “You gonna be here next year?”

Me: “…No, actually. I’m not.”

D: “Aw!”

L: “Man, who we gonna have?”

C: “All the teachers leaving!”

L: “We gonna have some wack history teacher!”

Me: “I’m going to teach at [Nearby school] so I’ll still be in the area.”

K: “You going to Nearby Schoo?! Me too!

S: “Me too!”

K: “I’ll see you next year!”

Me: “That’s excellent ladies. It’ll be nice to have some familiar faces.”

S: “I know, right.”

Today in 1st block it was a little quieter of an affair. I only had one student in the room at this point. He is a challenged and challenging student. Very much of a happy go lucky thug. He should be a Junior but is still down in my gradebook as a Freshman. He has made great strides this year, clearly he wants to graduate next year. He currently carries an 82 in my U.S. History prep class, a great achievement for him and one he is very proud of.

Him: “Ms. W, you gonna be here next semester, right?”

Me: “…No, I’m not.”

Him: “…but…”

Me: “I’m sorry.”

Him: “But who is gonna teach me?”

Me: “…I don’t know.”

Man, my heart broke a little right there. “Who is gonna teach me?” Oh, ouch. What a hard, hard, thing this is, even to move to a school 10 minutes down the road. I never thought I would be even remotely sentimental over this student, he’s not exactly endearing and I’m sure he’ll give whoever does teach him a hard time. But…ouch.

This is a message to all of those new CMs out there starting blogs and starting institute, keep this in mind, “Who is gonna teach me next year?” You are. You are, so take good care of them.

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  1. chrisb

    Aw, man. *Tear* *Sniff*

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