May 29 2008

Second Block Strikes Again

A (very playful) exchange between two of my lovelies 2nd period:

A: Man, stop touching my stuff!

M: I’ll touch your stuff if I want to!

A: You do and I’ll… I’ll gas you. With Mustard gas! Yeah.

M: Oh yeah?

A: And then you’ll get big blisters and inhale it into your lungs and die!

M: Oh yeah?

A: Yeah. Ima go all World War I on your a**.

M: Oh yeah. Well Ima build an atomic bomb and go all World War II on you!

A: I’ll get Napalm. It’ll be Vietnam up in here.

M: My Atomic bomb is still better.

A: Oh yeah, well I’ll build one too. Times two.

M: My Atomic bomb is bigger than yours!

A: My Atomic bomb sprays bullets!

M: My Atomic bomb has Napalm in it!

(And so on, and so on. I lost it at, “My atomic bomb is bigger than yours.” Which was said with no, erm, phallic overtones, but still killed me laughing. I suppose if they’re going to one up each other at least they’re doing it with historical knowledge!)

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