May 25 2008

Second verse, same as the first…

Last night went extremely well. The kids were better and more into the play (although they nearly gave me a heart attack by going off book a couple of times. People! We are not well versed enough for this!) The audience was bigger too, which made the play feel more real. At intermission they kids were so pepped up. “Ms. W, we need to keep doing this EVERY weekend! It keeps getting better!” “Yeah, Ms. W. Let’s do it for the whole school!”

My response? “Heh…um, no.”
A blast was had by all (except possibly our poor waiter) at the cast party at Applebees and Chris got me some gorgeous roses which were greatly appreciated, but I’m ready to just be a teacher again. I have precious little time left to regain my classes before Finals and EOCs.

Some pictures:

Here is the set. I think it looks pretty good, but that may just be some bizzare form of Stockholm syndrome.

Up The Down Staircase Set

A bunch of the kids grafitied their character’s names on the set. They want to ask the Construction Tech teacher to cut the names out and let them keep them. I’m not really sure what they plan to do with large hunks of painted plywood…



They worked so hard and I am very, very proud of them.


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