May 21 2008

Southern Comfort

I do declare, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to Southern weather.

Let’s take yesterday as an example, shall we?

The forcast called for a clear but windy day. Chances of precipitation: 30%.

Here is a shot of the field behind the school at 3:15 (right as we let the kids out)

Hmm… not looking good.
Here is a shot from the front of the school at about 3:25 (as the busses pulled away)


And here is the field behind the school at about 5:45pm, when I left for the day.


2 Responses

  1. charlotteshenanigans

    I came here to respond to your response on my blog… hehe and when I saw this I just had to laugh. Where in the South are you?? I remember one Easter Sunday in Memphis it was a beautiful sunny day and we were cooking out at my uncle’s house and it started hailing. Lasted for 5 minutes and was over. We always joke about the weather… if you don’t like it, wait a few and it will change. Today was cool and foggy and yesterday was hot as you-know-where. I’ve lived here my whole life and somehow I am still surprised. lol.

    and to answer your question, no. It wasn’t a KIPP school, though I think they might have a relationship with KIPP because they do have a field trip to visit the KIPP Delta school.

  2. I’m in Eastern North Carolina, right on the North Carolina/ Virginia border. To many people this hardly qualifies as the South, but coming from California it continues to blow my mind. ;)

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