May 12 2008

May gloom.

Nobody understands me when I say that I hate May; It is my least favorite month of the school year. (A close second goes to October).

“But you are so close to the end!” they say, or, “There is so much going on the month should just fly by!” I get that, I really do, but somehow May is just… so … LONG!

This time of year is so frustrating to me. Everything is piling up demanding to be done all at once and I can’t keep up. Play! EOCs! Senior Activities! Graduation! Banquet! Prom! Next year! Summer Plans! Plane Tickets! Packing up the Room! Review! AARGH!

Every May I feel like I am on some sort of speeding train that is racing way of into the distance. Or maybe I’m not actually riding it, I’m just jogging alongside it, huffing and puffing and trying to catch up. Being an “EOC Teacher” at my school (meaning that I teach a state tested course) means that the pressure is on academically. I know that the school is counting on my (usually good) scores to keep the overall percentage up, but I know/ fear that my scores will go down this semester. No one wants to hear that but it is the truth.

Somehow if I can just survive these next four weeks I feel like my life will start again. Right now I’m too caught up in the ride to see the scenery.

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  1. Alison

    I’m with you. I have only 9 days left, but 9 days have never felt so long. It’s interesting, though…for me I think they seem long because there’s not much to do. Except for a math summative I have yet to give (which I couldn’t start giving today as I had planned because the copier broke), I feel like there’s no use in having anymore school at this point!

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