May 11 2008

Sweet dreams.

I had a very odd dream last night. I came to my classroom, only to find that all of the information on my boards had been erased and replaced with that of another teacher. I asked all of the other teachers, “Who is Elizabeth J. Jacobs?”  but no one had ever heard of  her. (She even had all of her kids names and birthdays written up there. My dream self scoffed, “What is this? Elementary school!?)  In addition, there were four state team like people in my room, waiting for me. I was late and the bell was ringing. Nothing was set up for my first period and there were all of these people who needed to be impressed in my room! I kept trying to write my agenda and objective and get my buzzer set up and find the overhead timer and, and, Aargh! Damn you Elizabeth J. Jacobs for writing your dream-class information all over my dream-boards!

I have school dreams fairly often, especially when we have had a break and I am about to go back. I remember very vividly a dream I had on the last night of Spring Break my first year that my (already horrendous) 4th block had doubled in size and there were all these children I didn’t know and I had to teach them all about the New Deal. Aiieeeee!

My most common school dream motif, however, has to do with my room being changed or moved in some way. My room is a fully functioning aspect of my class, I have spent a lot of time on it and I use it daily. I remember once, at around the semester break when they were threatening to house the Freshman Academy on my hall and move all of us non-Frosh teachers out, dreaming that I had to conduct my classes in the library. It was like they were holding my room hostage and I couldn’t even get in there to get the originals and make copies. I was so flustered and off balance, as though someone had pulled a rug out from under me. That dream quickly went south when a dream-student discovered a bomb hidden in the bookshelves of our dream-library, but you get my point.

I like to think that the school anxiety dreams are at least somewhat normal. They almost always spring from some situation that is going on or fear that I have. This August when our schedules were so royally bollixed up, I had a series of dreams involving not knowing my students or walking in to my classroom to discover thirty new children crammed into my desks, that kind of thing.

What about you; do you have teacher dreams? Do they freak you right the fu-heck out, as mine do me?

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  1. chrisb

    Ugh. My teacher dreams involve my kids (second graders) rioting as a result of the master-mind student in my class. Chairs are thrown, kids are swinging from lights, and about ten kids are hanging on me preventing me from doing anything about it. I am saved when my most responsible girl runs to the office and the police come to save me. The master-mind student is arrested, much to my pleasure.

    I don’t like admitting that I have dreams where I am pleased that one of my students is physically removed from the room. But in my dream, the classroom becomes a much happier place without that student in it. (Not true in reality of course, and the situation is not nearly that bad. But you know how these things are.)

  2. Ms. Math

    I had lots my first year, I felt like I could never stop thinking about how bad school was. I couldn’t even escape it in my own bed.
    The day before my second year started I had a dream that I was late to school and everything went wrong. I hope they are normal!

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