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May 09 2008

Cool Google application with potential teacher uses.

Did you know that if you have (or can create) a gmail account you can also build a free webpage?

I always wanted to have a “teacher page,” but no one at my school could tell me how to get one hosted on the school server and all of the other free web page builders out there looked so trashy with all of the ads and the amaturish designs.

Google has recently unleashed: Page Creator a free web page design and hosting service that links to your gmail account. If, for example, I had a gmail address that was msw@gmail.com (I don’t) my new page could be http://msw.googlepages.com. You can create a gmail account with any teacherly (or otherwise) name you want and start your own homepage.

I don’t often shil for free, but I really love google and this is just such a cool new tool. The pages are extremely easy to design, they look pretty nice, there are no ads or banners on the page, and they’re hosted for free. ¬†What more could you ask?

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