May 08 2008


I feel like a limp rag, twisted up and drained of everything. The last few days have been so odd.

We began extended days this week. For the next three week we will add an extra 45 minutes on to the day with a rotating block. I’m sure it will be useful, but dear god I already spend so much time at that darn school I just don’t know how much more I can stomach. On Tuesday I was already not feeling well due to the advent of yet another severe allergy attack. I was listening to the afternoon announcements with my 2nd block when I heard, “There will be a brief faculty meeting at 3:15 in the Media Center.” Groan. We still have rehearsal, I have to copy more scripts, and the words “brief” and “faculty meeting” never really do go well together.

I decided to try to run some scripts in the 15 minutes before the faculty meeting got started. I wanted to run off five, but my simple print job turned into a struggle to the death with our intermittently evil copy machine, so by the time I had forced  it to finish copying one script it was actually 3:35, unbeknownst to me.

I hurried to the Media Center and sat down next to my co-director, expecting that the meeting had not yet gotten under way. As I began to breathlessly apologize, he turned to me and said, “[Our Principal]‘s contract has been non-renewed.”





I was stunned. Speechless.¬† This is Our Principal! He was district Principal of the Year this year! In his two years at the school our scores have risen dramatically! Discipline is improved! We haven’t had a major fight all year (or, well, you know, until a few weeks ago)! He is so professional and such a wonderful leader and model for the students and staff. And, (somewhat selfishly), he loves and supports TFA!

I just…wow. I don’t even know what to say. The school board apparently gave him no reason for this slap in the face. It is really nonsensical. I don’t know a single member of the staff who dislikes him or a single student who would say he doesn’t do his job well. As the kids would say (and probably will, when they find out), “The school board is on crack, yo.”

After that bomb dropped, we still had a rehearsal to run and I still had to drop students off at home and vote in the fateful North Carolina primary before heading home (my kids are pissed that I wont tell them who I voted for…hee.) I returned home feeling sicker then ever but determined to go into work on Wednesday.

My thoughts on Wednesday morning as I walked down the hallway to the bathroom at 5:50 am went something like this, “Must go in to work. *hackhacksnort* Pacing guide has *snorthack* no more wiggle room. Must go in *AH-CHOO* to work. I can’ afford to mi– *throwup* … Not going in to work. Must call school secretary. Not going in to work.”

So, yeah. I took my first sick day all year. SUCH bad timing.

I felt marginally better today and dragged myself in. The kids were very sweet, and we managed (thanks to that dratted blessed extended day) to get mostly caught up with the notes.

16 school days left until our EOC, 22 until school is over. I can’t wait.

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