May 04 2008

This week.

I enjoyed doing this last week, so here it is again.

10 things that happened this week:

1. My keys are still missing so I spent many mornings begging other teachers to let me into my room, lock my room up again, and let me into the teachers lounge. No fun.

2. My U.S. History class took a “Last Chance Exam” to see which students could be placed on the testing list. The results were mixed and somewhat disappointing. I think that my high flying scores from last year will not be repeated.

3. I discovered that two of my favorites cheated on that exam. I’m still not sure how to handle it. I am so terribly disappointed that it hurts, especially since both of them were already slated to take the test anyway and had no need to cheat.

4. My Foundations class took their final states exam (they had to label all 50 states, give the postal abbreviation, label the ocean, Canada, Mexico, and the Great Lakes… I may be teaching them a 4th grade curriculum, but I’m doing it well, darn it!). My habitually poor testing 4th block did extremely well and I had several 100%s. This is the first test I think anyone in that class has really studied for.

5. I went to my second to last Extremely Worthless New Teacher Meeting for my district. I have to go to these to get my license fully cleared, but I have to say that this one was even more Extremely Worthless than usual.

6. I got observed by our consultant (commonly referred to by the staff as “That Man”—as in, “Was That Man in your room last block?”) for about 30 minutes during my U.S. History class. This is the first observation I have had all year.

7. During that observation, about 30 minutes into our second day of discussion of the Cold War, one of my lovelies asked, “Ms. W, is it called the ‘Cold War’ because it, like, snowed a lot?” (Luckily, the rest of the class was able to shoot that one down before I even had to say anything).

8. I had a fun discussion about the word “bangin’” in my 4th block after a student proclaimed, “Ms. W, you a bangin’ teacher!” and I protested.

9. Report cards were given out on Friday. Almost every single one of my students saw their grades go down from the last 6 weeks, but still relatively few of them are failing.

10. I harangued my Senior homeroom students for their dangerously low math grades. Almost all of them are in the 70s and this is a class they need to graduate. Aargh!

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