Apr 22 2008

The sound of the achievement gap.

A conversation I had with a fellow TFA teacher during lunch about some students we share.

Him: “I don’t know. I just can’t get through to my 1st block somehow. When it is discussion time they just sit there with blank faces.”

Me: “That’s funny, because during fourth block I can’t get them to sit down and shut up.”

Him: “They just stare at me. I asked them a question today and we sat there in silence for about a minute before I finally said, ‘That right there, guys? That is the sound of the achievement gap.’”

Me: “Heh. True.”

Him: “Then they *tsk*ed (he imitated the ever popular teeth sucking noise of displeasure, accompanied by an eye roll) at me and I said, ‘That is too.’”

At the front of his classroom:


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  1. Your blog is so cool! Most of the TFA blogs make me a little bit scared/sad? But yours is just so…it makes me feel excited to start teaching already! Please keep sharing!

    TFA ’08 Corps

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