Apr 12 2008

The post I meant to write yesterday…

Before the whole Bill Clinton thing went down yesterday, this is what I was going to post…

We have a half day today, because in the afternoon the 8th graders are coming up to tour the school. Like last year, we will have a “curriculum fair” in the gym for them all to walk through. Each of the departments sets up a table and the kids walk around in a circle, checking out all of the course offerings, etc. and then they take a quick tour of the building. The Social Studies department has outdone itself this year, if I do say so myself. We have a ton of student work to display, I’ll be playing two of my better picture PowerPoints (on the Vietnam War and the Great Depression) for visual interest and playing one of my historical CDs (50s and 60s music, I think). We also have a set of questions that the kids can answer (very simple stuff that they should have learned in 8th grade) for candy. Candy is good. We’re still going to have a hard time “beating” the Animal Science class however, last year they had a baby goat, a puppy, and two very pissed off looking chickens tethered with string. Animals always win.

Here is part of our booth this year:

Curriculum Booth

Not too shabby.

It’s funny every year to see the 8th graders come up and to think of how much they will have grow by the time they (hopefully) graduate in four years. Our seniors this year were Sophomores when I came, and I remember what babies they seemed then and now they are fully grown people. A part of my Senior advisor role, one of the things I am doing this year is creating a slideshow of the kids to show at the Senior Banquet late in May. I got a hold of an old yearbook from 04-05 when they were Freshmen and I’m scanning in pictures of them. It is so funny; one (who now has a deep man voice and a beard) was still covered in baby fat, another (now extremely poised and beautiful young lady) has a head that looks about two-thirds too big for her body. They were bony and gangly and I am really starting to realize just now how much I am going to miss this particular group of students. I don’t teach them anymore, of course, but the constant stream of “Hi, Ms. W.” as I walk down the halls is hard to beat.

As our senior volunteers brought the 8th graders around to the tables and introduced us, one young lady, who I had a particularly hard time with in both my Psychology and U.S. History classes said, “This is Ms. W. She is the best teacher here and you will learn soooo much in her class it’s not even funny.” In response I said in a joking way, “Thank you Ms. P, but you already passed my classes; the time for sucking up is gone.” But I thought, “Ahh, Ok. Some good has been done here. I have mattered in someone’s life.” It was a very nice feeling.

Sorry to get all schmaltzy on you, but the end of the school year always brings this on, somehow. “Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset, swiftly fly the yeeeeeeaaars….” 

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