Apr 11 2008

Want to know where I was tonight?

I was about 9 1/2 feet away from this:

Bill Clinton 1

Bill Clinton 2

Right now this is on my refrigerator:

Clinton Autograph.

So. Cool.

So, yeah, Bill Clinton is in North Carolina stumping for Hillary and he stopped in my little one horse town to speak to the people. I took some of my kids with me and hightailed it down there right after school. We wormed our way toward the front of the line and got spots right on the railing next to the podium. When Clinton was speaking he lokoed over and made eye contact with me several times. It was so neat. After the speech he came around and I shook his hand and got a picture of Chris getting his autograph.

I have never really done anything like this before or seen anyone famous from that close up. It was such a once in a lifetime experience and so unexpected. I will remember it forever.

…even if I do decide to vote for Obama in the primary. ;)

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  1. j-dot

    Hahaha! Love it, Ms. W. I wish I was one of your students who got to tag along for the ride.

  2. As cool as it was for you, think about your student who will remember being taken to see “that president guy” once he is old enough to appreciate it, and that student will be thanking you.

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