Aug 08 2007

My Classroom – Year 3

Some pictures of my classroom during the 2007-2008 school year.This is the front of the room. Mottoes, Agendas, U.S. History Class Themes, Words of the Week, and the ever present overhead are all on display.
Front of the Room

Here is a close up of the word wall. Beware, this is what awaits ye if you try to teach U.S. History on the semester system. The excised box on this picture and the one above contain my name and home phone. I’m internet safe, yo.
Word wall close up
Here is the reading corner in the back of the room. The books were purchased with a Donors Choose grant (thanks family!). Notice that the word walls correspond with the class themes.

Reading corner

First thing in the class period we have a “Buzzer” (warm up). Ignore the low level questions please. I’m not sure what the excuse is there.

Warm Up

Here is our Blooms wall. By all rights, this should really be Marzanos, as that is what North Carolina uses, but my kids are more familiar with Blooms from previous classes.


And one more shot of our “Treatment and Rights of Minorities” Word wall in the back of the room.


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