Jun 16 2005

Houston Institute: Day 4

These last few days we have actually begun to get into our collaboratives and start hashing out our lesson plans, rules and procedures, parent letters, etc. I feel pretty good about everything so far. I suppose we’ll see how that goes after the first week when we’re no longer working from the pre-approved lesson plans.

I never realized how much extra work your first year of teaching entails. You have to create all of your handouts and lesson plans from scratch. Continuing years at least you have something to work from, even if it needs modifying or updating. I remember complaining all the time in high school about the amount of homework given in a particular class. Like, didn’t they realize that we had other classes too? Ah, now the shoe is on the other foot because I realize that the teacher has other classes too, as well as a buttload of outside planning and typing to do. Yuck.

I passed Peter in the elevator today with his empty wastebasket. He indicated that he was getting ice. I can’t believe he’s “being social” tonight of all nights. Everything in the world is due in the next two days. I can’t believe that there is anyone with a significant amount of free time. I mean, I felt pretty time efficient and like I didn’t take too much time on anything but it took me from about 7:30 to 11:00 to get everything typed up and printed.

I can’t believe that in five days I’ll be standing up in front of a room of 8th graders as their teacher. It’s a concept I feel like I’ve internalized fairly well but, sometimes, it just hits me like, woah, what the hell am I doing?

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